Brighter Than the Blues - CD

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BRIGHTER THAN THE BLUES details a life on the road, from a glorious meal in New Orleans to a drive through the yellow hills of California, but musically, the album draws from McRae’s Mississippi roots. The album was recorded in Knoxville, TN in an old stone house dubbed “The Castle”, where Kelley and Matt spent the winter after 9 months touring across America. With microphones rigged from a chandelier in the Castle’s great room, the duo recorded and engineered the entire project themselves. The result is an album that delivers 11 stripped down tracks of heartfelt Americana in the vein of Patty Griffin and Lucinda Williams. McRae says the album sounds a whole lot like her live show. “We tried to keep it simple. Live, we have two guitars, two voices and some stomping, and that’s about it. I really wanted to capture the spirit of the live show.”